Posted by: Andrea | March 31, 2012

The Movie Was Even More Accurate Than I Remembered

After gushing over The Hunger Games movie last weekend and being too broke to go see it again, I set out to reread the book (and then series because I couldn’t stop there). It had been a while – 9 to 12 months – since the last time I read it, and I thought I should refresh my memory.

There were so many little details I had forgotten. So much dialogue I though the movie had made up. But no, mostly the movie was spot on, and I was the one that couldn’t remember specifics. They even kept the bit during the interviews when Peeta and Caesar Flickerman sniff each other. Also, I’m slightly ashamed to admit that I had forgotten Haymitch didn’t actually send Katniss notes with her sponsored gifts. I thought it was very nice touch in the movie, though, because it kept us from having to hear Katniss’ thought process. Read More…


I never came up with a list of actors I would’ve liked to see in the movies. However, thanks to my friend Pamela, I fell in love with the idea of Hunter Parrish playing Peeta. It seemed perfect. Apparently Gary Ross and his team didn’t agree, and I can’t complain. Josh Hutcherson did an incredible job playing a crucial character. If he or Katniss had been portrayed wrong, the movie would have been a disaster for me.

As it turns out, my man Hunter Parrish may have wanted the role almost as badly as his fans wanted him to take it.

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Posted by: Andrea | March 25, 2012

The Hunger Games Movie Blows Me Away

I’ve seriously neglected this blog since finishing Mockingjay forever ago. I wish I had a better excuse than I got busy graduating and doing internships and stuff, but the truth is I got busy with graduating and doing internships and stuff. The Hunger Games movie was released this weekend, though, and it would just be sinful and downright irresponsible not to tell my two followers what I thought of it. So here goes.

I’d advise against reading this until after seeing the film.

Let me start by saying that being a fan of three of the major book-to-movie adaptations of the past decade – PotterTwilight and The Hunger Games – I couldn’t be happier with this movie. I can’t complain. I finally feel satisfied with an adaptation. Someone at Lionsgate did something right!

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Posted by: Andrea | August 28, 2010

Mockingjay – the good, the bad and the ugly

The following post is FULL of SPOILERS so proceed with caution.

My name is Andrea Salazar. I am 19 years old. My home is here. I am not dead. I probably should be dead after various “Mockingjay”-induced heart attacks.

Suzanne Collins knows exactly how to take me on an exhausting emotional roller coaster. So what’s my first thought as I turn the last page of the book? Relief. Because everything is good again. Then, I moved on to stare blankly at the wall…much like with “Catching Fire.” Read More…

SPOILERS to come: I fail dismally. Not only did I ditch this blog for months, but I forgot to post my Mockingjay predictions and then didn’t blog as I read “Mockingjay.” Don’t throw me to the mutts!

To prove that I did START writing up a predictions post months ago, check out the screencap.

Clearly, I started and didn’t get very far. I wasn’t very creative either. HOWEVER, I was right about District 13 and Peeta, which is good enough for me 🙂

I finished reading “Mockingjay” last night. The universe was doing its best to keep me from reading it, but I finally pulled it off after multiple outbursts in public areas (ie. I screamed “NO!” and muttered nonsensical things to myself while reading in the Student Union Building.) I’ll be blaming Suzanne Collins and Scholastic if I end up with no friends due to being so antisocial in my attempts to finish the book.

Once I pull myself together, I’ll post a review. I promise.

A friend suggested I look up Suzanne Collins’ Borders Media Interview and being an obsessed fan now, I obliged.

It was very interesting to hear about how Collins came up with the idea for the books — the War in Iraq coverage and reality television. It totally makes sense!

Posted by: Andrea | April 2, 2010

Still trying to put my brain back together…

WHAT?! Hovercrafts, explosions, revelations. Why was Beetee moaning and unconscious? Why were only some tributes in on the plan? Where the hell is Peeta?! He better not be dead! He CAN’T be dead! Cinna too! Oh and District 12 is gone? Why? I can’t imagine the people rebelling. My brain hurts!

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Posted by: Andrea | April 1, 2010

Mind. Blown.

I had to take a couple days off from reading thanks to school and work and life. But I finally got crackin’ on Part III, and I don’t even know what to think anymore.

These poor kids (along with some older folks) have been thrust back into the arena they thought they’d never have to face again. So what are they facing? Oh, only heat, force fields, lack of water, giant waves, poisonous fog, blood rain, crazy monkeys and each other. Fun times.

Finnick. Why is he so willing to help out the duo? What’s in it for him? SOMEONE has to win, right? So, why is this alliance advantageous to him? Does he owe Haymitch something? Is he just kind-hearted and hopes a D12 win helps the rebellion? Or is he just pretending for now? He could’ve killed any of them while they were sleeping though. Hmm.

That whole Mags ordeal was one of the more mind-blowing parts. She realizes she’s a burden on the gang, kisses Finnick and

Nuts/Wiress is brilliant. Not so nuts, eh? A clock. They have to keep moving or they’ll be in for more pain and suffering. So, maybe I was wrong? Plutarch isn’t on the good side? He must be though! MOCKINGJAY!

As to Johanna, I’m way confused. She’s helping the D12 kids, has a thing for Finnick and reminds me of Rosalie from “Twilight.” Why is SHE helping? I’m so confused! I feel like Suzanne Collins will pull another Snape and someone else will be in love with Katniss’ mother. Here’s how I see it: Finnick loves Mrs. Everdeen. Johanna loves Finnick. Nuts and Volts are old friends of her mother’s. Mags is probably her long-lost grandmother. There. That’s why they want her alive. 😉

Posted by: Andrea | March 29, 2010

Katniss the Mockingjay

A friend of mine once described this book as a complete “mind f$$k,” and I have to say I agree wholeheartedly.

So Seneca Crane is the former Head Gamemaker, right? Wow, Katniss. I’m speechless. You’ve left me speechless.. Yes, I’m a Lady Gaga fan. Those Gamemakers are SO killing her off. How’s she going to get out of this one?

Those interviews were incredible! It only makes sense that all the victors/tributes join forces. What if they all refused to fight? I realize the Gamemakers would kill them off in some way or another, but what if they all refused to actually kill each other off and tried to keep everyone alive? Wouldn’t that be quite the statement?

The interviews also saw Cinna’s incredible skill. He did say he put his emotions into his work. I just hope he’s ok after the butt-kicking he got from those pesky Peacekeepers. But turning her wedding dress into a mockingjay is simply brilliant!

Katniss played with Peeta’s heart yet again. She’s being such a Bella! I say that because I really hope it’s not just a thing all girls do. She means well, but it would be nice if she could just be straight with all of us and pick one guy already. Stop toying with them. But, I’m holding on to my gut feeling that she does have feelings for Peeta due to her actions the day before getting sent off to the arena. A picnic on the roof? How cute is that? Then, refusing to be separated from Peeta until the morning of.

Which brings me to the arena. Water? Ok, I get the symbolism — This is no place for the girl on fire. — but where are they? Too bad I have to go to bed now. Hopefully, I’ll find out tomorrow.

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Deja Vu…sorta

I couldn’t stop reading, so we have a lot of ground to cover.

Peeta and Katniss watch Haymitch’s performance in his Hunger Games. Brutal. Totally awesome, though. I guess I should’ve know alcohol only did so much for the man. His personality was still the same back in the day. His winning move, though, that’s epic. Chuck your ax at me and I’ll just let it rebound off the ‘force field.’ Ha!

Then we have the chariot rides again. Cinna does another amazing job at dressing up the duo. I found it interesting that he decided to go with a darker look, instead of the usual pink. His advice that they not wave or acknowledge the crowd was also interesting. Was it to make them seem more mysterious, mature, serious, ominous?

We meet the rest of former-victor tributes. God, that’s messed up. Anyway, we meet the old folks who are going nuts. Sex-crazed, drunk, stoned or just bat-shit crazy and old. I can’t remember all their names but Mr. Sex…Finnick possibly?… is a pain. Nuts and Volts — those two are hilariously bonkers. We’ll see how the alliances work out. It’ll be such a different experience for experienced victors to be back in the games. I don’t know if I should count the oldies out or not.

Finally, SENECA CRANE. This isn’t ringing a bell. How am I supposed to be reacting right now? Hmmm….

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